Cooperation with Tolerated Ignorance Equals Collaboration with Evil

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I have written in the past that the world situations & issues bombard us so that it forces us to make decisions – right or wrong.  There is another piece of the puzzle that should be argued.  That being: the rational mind forces one to want to “know,” therefore it requires the mind to distinguish differences in what one is observing.

It is this forcing of judgment that must be considered and one could make the case that people have stepped back or possibly stepped completely out of the picture of life, not wanting any responsibility in the decision-making or the judging of life’s experiences.  Certainly it could be argued that the people have pulled back from the involvement in government and politics, thereby allowing the “progressive” to frame every argument.

With the preceding paragraph we must include the “Law of Non-Contradiction” (A cannot be not A).  A word, in order to mean something, must also not mean something.  This simple rule is being ignored as part of our responsibility in the judging of issues or situation.  This law of non-contradiction is being discarded and with that goes the understanding of cooperation and collaboration.  Those words being lost in a pretended (forced) ignorance, almost overnight nothing making sense.

The sin of collaboration in evil blurs even more the inability to “know” as we excuse and increase in toleration for sin.  This dumbing down of the social fabric is nearing its completion with ignorance low enough as to affect all of society.  With this cycle of ignorance we can expect the burning down of the cities and the country for none will understand right from wrong – nor will they want to.  

This toleration and collaboration mindset stops nothing!  Not sin, not evil, no stopping the burning of the cities.  Toleration and collaboration allows all of it to continue.  In the end, collaboration with sin and evil, sad as it may sound, will destroy all – including the poor and the needy the “progressives” say they care about.

St. Paul explains wickedness clearly in his great epistle to the Romans.  In chapter 1, he outlines its progression and the state of those who practice it and notes that the wicked “… have pleasure in them that do them.” Romans 1:32 (KJV)

We also have this:

Proverbs 14:34 (KJV) “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.”

I’ll close with this: If the Church and its Pastors do not start to stand up and explain the difference between Cooperation under God’s Law and collaboration with the “evil” that is in the land, we shall see – shortly – what is to happen.  And there is no way punishment is not going to be handed out.

Randy Toman

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