Meet Our Team

Joel Saint

Executive Director

Joel was providentially introduced to R.J. Rushdoony’s Institutes when he acquired a copy of it as a dispensational Bible college student in 1979. He was then guided by the influence of other young scholars who suggested other reconstructionist authors. After 20 years of career, study, and teaching ministry, he readily agreed to join and help launch the MARS organization. Joel is the Executive Director of MARS and teaches regularly at the MARS lecture series on a variety of social and political topics. Joel resides with his wife, Audrey, in Denver, PA and has 9 grown children and 16 grandchildren.

Randy Toman

MARS Board

A political activist since 1973, Randy was introduced to R.J. Rushdoony’s work soon after he and his wife were saved in 1989. His political approach became radically reformed by reconstructionist teaching and he joined MARS soon after it was launched. He is retired from a career in the construction industry and has stayed close to local politics, holding his local magistrates’ feet to the fire. Known for his “take no prisoners” attitude, he contributes the most seasoned and practical political street smarts to this group. He and his wife, Karen, reside in Boyertown, PA.

Jim Mogel

MARS Board

After decades of always being “the crazy guy in church who worries too much about culture and politics”, Jim read a quote from R.J. Rushdoony in The New American magazine during a frustrated involvement in secular politics as an activist with the John Birch society. He followed the trail to the works of Rushdoony. “I was a reconstructionist without realizing it”. An avid reader and a gifted writer, he contributes regularly to the MARS website blog. Jim is an electronics engineer and lives with his wife and son in Berks County, PA.

John Bingaman

MARS Board

John began his reconstruction journey several years after becoming saved in his forties. A prolific reader and former CPA, he was first introduced to reconstructionism through study of Gary North’s economic commentaries. He came to the MARS group as a relatively new Christian and caught up to them very quickly in knowledge and spiritual insight. Together, he and Joel Saint hosted Standpoint, a worldview radio program on WBYN, Boyertown, PA. The board is fortunate to have John, general manager of an architectural millwork manufacturer, for his business savvy, quick insight, and biblical knowledge. John lives with his wife, Beth, their daughter, son-in-law, and five grandchildren near Reading, PA.

Luke Saint

MARS Board

Luke is the board’s youngest member, bringing with him a youthful zeal and valuable contributions. Raised in a homeschool environment by parents with a reconstructionist vision, he claims Christian Reconstruction as the mindset and mission of his faith. In addition to his day job as a UPS driver, he ministers in music at his church and currently hosts a podcast, Brotherhood of the Silver Screen, a critique commentary on the latest movies and cinema trends from a Biblical worldview. Luke resides in Reading, PA.

Dave Stoltzfus

MARS Board

A self-employed entrepreneur whose company sells greenhouse and landscaping supplies, Dave was raised Amish and came to reformed reconstruction in 2008 after numerous conversations with Joel Saint. Leaving his former theological beliefs of Arminianism and pacifism, he became passionate about applying the Lordship of Christ in our homes, places of work, churches and all of society. Dave joined the board in early 2018 and uses his strong work ethic to take a behind-the-scenes role in helping the organization run smoothly and efficiently. He resides with his wife, Jen, and son Wyatt, in Lancaster County, PA.

Ken Souder

MARS Board

Ken graduated from Temple University with a BBA majoring in accounting and economics. Since 1995, Ken has worked as a financial planner. He became a reconstructionist shortly after reading R.J. Rushdoony’s two volume “Institutes of Biblical Law” back in the early 80’s, a gift from his former pastor. From then to now, he has been seeking to grow in his understanding and learning on how to apply Biblical law to everything. A few years ago, he began attending MARS meetings in Reading to satisfy his hunger to learn more and to have fellowship with like-minded believers. As Ken puts it, “I was not disappointed.” Having made new friends in the reconstructionist camp, he was happy to become a member of the MARS board of Directors in 2018. His vision for MARS is simple but to the point: to see the expansion and influence of Biblical law in our society. Ken resides in North Wales, PA with his wife Elizabeth of 20 years.